Friday, December 15, 2006

Darkest Night

Today is really the day that feels most like a special holi-day to me. It love how today, and especially tonight, symbolized moving from the darkest time, back into the light. I've been feeling the darkness both internally and externally so this Solstice brings to me the promise of light and life and new growth. Late yesterday Annie and I and some dear friends took a tour of the USCS Shakespeare Theater where we saw a production of Sleeping Beauty recently. We really enjoyed both the play and the tour. After the tour all of the kids went running off in the darkness under the trees hoopin' and hollerin'! Can you see the light silhouettes of them there under the limb of the tree? I couldn't help but see them as earth's children celebrating the darkness and the light in the foggy lamplight. I snapped some shots of them and and some of the fungus growing underneath the recently-rained-on oaks we saw on our way in. Warm wishes everyone for peace and joy!

This mushroom measured about 7" wide across at the cap! Plus, there were a bunch of them!
Michelle, any ideas as to identification??


Green Kitchen said...

That looks like a butter bolete. I'd love to get some if you feel like sharing the locale.

patrice said...

Of course I'll share! I saw four or five of those big ones, plus some different smaller one's that looked blueish on the 15th (last Thur?) under some big oaks below the Shakespeare theater building at UCSC. If you leave from the back of the theater and walk down the driveway they were on the right under the big oak near the road between the driveway and the stairway/walkway. I'm in LA right now, but if you want me to show you, I'll flying back early Wednesday morning.
We LOVE to hunt mushrooms, and we still struggle with identification even with all the books we have. Sometimes we just photograph, sometimes we pick and keep them to enjoy, but so far we haven't eaten any. I'd love to eat them someday...
I have a few other places where we find some different varieties, but again, my confidence is low.
With warmth,