Saturday, December 16, 2006

Mary Tyler Mom

I love pictures of my mom during this period. She's so Mary Tyler Moore, isn't she? For those of you who love the opener of the second season show, click on the link for it. This top photo is her in Berkeley probably in 1966. Is that right Pat? She's out on the balcony of our apartment with Sassy the cat. My mom's sister Pat (and her cats Sassy and Amber) lived with us in this very large penthouse apartment until I was 2 1/2. Then Pat packed up her VW Bug and moved to Los Angeles. (Where she still lives and where I'm going today to visit for three whole days! Yahoo for getting a vacation by myself!) We lived in this apartment in Berkeley until my folks bought their first house over in Richmond. I think my folks paid $13,000 for a three bedroom house back then.

This photo was taken toward the end of her Mary Tyler Moore phase. Probably '72 or '73. Pat? Can you tell by the look on her face that the seventies were proving to be pretty disappointing? Look at her kitchen counter! Everything is definitely in it's place. See the small plaque hanging perfectly aligned with the switch plate? Kinda scary how orderly it all was. If I remember correctly, we had a fridge that was about the color that I'm using here on this type. I'm sure my folks were entertaining when this picture was taken. They entertained a lot. She looks pissed though, doesn't she? I'm guessing my dad took both of these photos. Who else would she look so serious at?

Also, if any of you readers want me to use a larger type size, just leave a comment saying so. I'll go larger.

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capello said...

wow, your mom was stylish.

my mom was like me, frumpy and frazzled.