Saturday, December 9, 2006

"If You Had a Corn Snake..."

"If you had a corn snake you could give it to me."

This is what Annie told Santa Claus when she saw him yesterday.
On the drive to see him, I asked her what she was going to ask for. She said "Can I ask him for a corn snake?" I said she could ask for anything she wanted, and that Papa and I really didn't want any more animals to take care of. When we got there and we were waiting in the line, she told me she wanted to talk to him, but that she didn't want to sit on him or have her picture taken. She was so shy when it was our turn that all she said was "If you have a corn snake you could give it to me."

I guess we're getting her a corn snake.


capello said...

what's a corn snake?

futuregirl said...

That is so hilarious! I'm totally trying not to laugh here in my cubicle.

You know that Santa went home and said, "Some little girl asked for a corn snake. What the hell is a corn snake?"

It's the *cutest* thing in the world that she worded it the way she did. So sweet. So undemanding.