Friday, December 22, 2006

Lighting the Candles

Tonight we joined our dear friends the Hapners to celebrate the lighting of the candles for the last night of Chanukkah. I love being included! This is the fourth year we've celebrated together with them, and I so enjoy the prayers of gratitude and hope, they all sound so beautiful. Plus it was Shabbat as well and I love the blessing and the sharing of bread. Just as we were arriving, Annie told me she had prepared a Chanukkah song to sing called Zombie Mommy. I was a little worried. After the candles were lit, Annie performed Zombie Mommy which included a small dance. Zombie Mommy turned out to be "Happy Chanukkah to Ezra" to the tune of "Happy Birthday. Whew! I'm so glad it wasn't something really weird.
Shalom, everyone!


futuregirl said...

It's wonderful that your daughter gets to see other people's traditions in a personal, loving way. It's so much different that reading about it. Wouldn't it make a huge difference in the world if everyone was given the opportunity to appreciate other culture's practices? I think so.

And ... that menorah is a crack up. :)

Pat said...

Annie looks like a very self-possessed Celtic Princess.