Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Stormy Tuesday

Annie and I bundled up and headed down to the wharf Tuesday. Our goal was to buy "the good kind" of candy canes at Marini's candy store. We needed them to make the Candy Cane Cake that was featured on the cover of Sunset Magazine this month for our little holiday party. Annie's cousins Eliza, Miles and Spencer are coming over plus a few neighbor kids as well.

Being at the wharf is so exhilarating on a stormy day. It's like being out to sea, minus the boat. The water was churned up and steel colored. Wind and rain whip around and splashed our faces. The fog was really thick all around but we could still make out the Boardwalk and the houses along the cliffs. We could even see some surfers out in the water at Lighthouse Point. Many sea birds, including the very wet pelican above, were perching on the railing of the wharf, riding out the storm. After we got the candy canes, and some ice cream, we followed the sounds of the elephant seal to the end of the wharf. You can see them there, laying under the wharf on the beams. Hard to photograph though...

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capello said...

that cake looks yummy, but i've discovered i don't like to eat big chunks of hard candy with cake. i prefer the yummy powder of pulverizing the candy.