Sunday, December 10, 2006

New Skill

I'm fooling around with adding a watermark to the photos that I publish. Have you noticed? What do you think? Too much or subtle enough? Michelle over at Green Kitchen has a tutorial on how-to under her July archives. That's where I got the idea. I added MakingPeace over the photo and changed the opacity, just enough to leave a light impression on the photo. I'm not too worried about thievery, so I'm not quite sure why I'm doing it. Partly to claim my photos and to make it harder for others to use them without crediting them back to me.
Since loosing all of my archives and customizations for this blog, I'm researching moving it to another platform and changing the name.
I've been surfing around different blogs, looking at who is using what to blog. I see lots of Typepad, Blogger, and people with their own websites. I checked out my SBC offerings and there I can have a website with my own name (i.e. rather than and that appeals to my need for independence and autonomy. I want to check out the services available to me and get real feedback from users before I make any decisions.
Just last April, I stumbled onto my first blog and was captivated and excited. By May I had explored more and decided to give it a try myself, and it has turned into something I really enjoy and have some attachment to. As for new names, the only thing I have on my mind is MayAvenue. I like the name and it would match my Etsy store, MayAvenueStudio.

Photo above is a detail of Morning Light, a painting of Annie Christmas morning 2004. Acrylic on canvas.

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capello said...

when i got your postcard the "may avenue" sent me into a loop, but i really like to it too :-)