Monday, December 11, 2006

Soup Swap

My dear friend and neighbor Sara and I are doing a Soup Swap. One week I make a big pot of soup and I share it with her and her family. The next week she does the same and shares it with us. I started it off with a Black Bean Soup from Nourishing Traditions and she just followed up with a Dill Barley Mushroom Soup from Moosewood. Mmmmm. I had the last of hers last night. It was so delicious. I think what makes this Soup Swap work is that we live so close and that we have similar tastes in food. Love you Sara!

(That's Ninja-Ezra below protecting the liquid gold!)


Marsha said...

Love the soup swap idea! All the presonal touches on your blog look fabulous. I hope that blogger emails you soon and we can rescue your archives. I have never had done a blog on any other service so I am not sure I can give advice about switching to something else.

capello said...

that's such a good idea! that way you get out of cooking one night AND you still get homemade food.

Knox Gardner said...

Hi! It is awesome you are swapping soup and sharing in the goodness of life!

Perhaps you could join us on National Soup Swap Day, January 23rd, when fine citizens in many ciites are gathering friends to swap soup...Tons of fun and very healthy.

You can read about it on our site at and if you or one of your friends decided to host, just drop a line back and we'll add your city to our growing list of soup swap!